HOME To COFFEE Sisters: Loretta Beoh, Connie Kinney, Cynthia Lucas, Shera Phillips, Laura Holmes, Elder Joyce Butler, Lisa Phillips, Gwendolyn England-Brooks, Minister Elizabeth Winston, Michell Lofton, Tara Mosley, Darnell Pierce, Romonica Jones, Prophetess Samantha Green, Minister Brenda Johnson, (Alicia Branch, Melanie Reed, Shaneka Johnson).......and Pastor Loretta Petit

The crew who comprise Christian Circle of Female Friends for Empowerment/Encouragement or C.O.F.F.E.E. are involved in various careers and serve on various boards for community support.

It is not so much what we do that makes us powerful, it is our faith in
God who makes all things possible and the fact that we unite to share
our gifts, talents, and experiences to help each other to reach our
 goals and walk in purpose.